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Spread the positive message when you can! Wisconsin FFA Alumni proudly advocates for agriculture education at the local, state and national levels. It is vital to the success of the local agriculture education program that there is an active effort to share the successes, importance, and need for further support. Making contact with people at all levels of communities, business and government will help strengthen the future of agriculture education.

3-2-1 Go!

FFA Alumni play a very important part in keeping agricultural education and FFA programs in our local schools. FFA relies on its alumni to garner support for FFA from their local communities, so The FFA Alumni has decided to partner up with the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators to pull together resources for our Advocacy Efforts. Please join us in the new 3-2-1-GO campaign. Here is how it works:

3 – There are three components that make up an Agriculture program. They are: Classroom / Laboratory Instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and FFA. These are described in more detail in the Annual Report document (if available from the local agriculture instructor).

2 – We ask that you make two contacts with people who you think can make a difference in agricultural education. These people can range from business & industry representatives, school board members, or any community member who would benefit from understanding what is happening in the agriculture program. These people do not necessarily need to step up immediately and make change, but we want them to be aware of what is going on in the local program.

1 – It takes one person to make a difference. If we each go out and contact two people, and encourage those people to do the same, think of the impact that we can have and the agriculture network we could build.

GO – Now is the time to speak up for your local agriculture program!

Additional Resources

The links listed below are samples of materials that can be used to help you with your advocacy effort.

The Advocacy Document can simply be used to provide people with background information about a program.

The Annual Document can be used to provide a summary of what is happening in the local program.

The Laconia Fact Sheet is a different version of the annual document.

The Sauk County Ag Fact Sheet is a sample document that can be used to show the importance of agriculture in your county.

Ask your local agriculture teacher if they have documents you can use to help advocate for their program.

Here are you Resourceful Links: